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Freedom in the digital age

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Principle: Hardware matters

It is easy to underestimate the underlying structure of our digital world.

Redefining "high places"

Lets re-balance power from the bottom-up

Tools of the Technocracy: #7 Smart Cities

Smart cities are marketed as if they are for the convenience of its residents, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Is the internet safe for children?

Surveillance, manipulation and online predators are threats we all face. How can we keep children safe?

IoT: The "Eye-on-Thee"

A fantastic real-world example of how simple, inexpensive devices can be used for evil.

Tools of the Technocracy: #6 Virtual Reality

Seeing is believing, and the capability to leverage your own senses against you only gets more extreme over time.

Tools of the Technocracy: #5 Networks

Much of the digital infrastructure in place today is built to structurally enable tyranny.

Beware the false saviors

Putting faith into leaders is a road to disappointment. We all have to work together as individuals to make lasting change.

Chewtoys: The alchemy of mastering mass anger

People are constantly being manipulated to build anger against useless effigies to exhaust their energy to work for change.

Information Warfare Super-weapons

Change the culture with these super effective tricks. Social engineers HATE these!

Call to Action: Join the Fediverse now!

A simple, but very effective way to tip the scales in favor of free speech.

Tools of the Technocracy

Why the very fate of humanity will be decided in this next decade.

The most valuable asset for the coming decade

Not cryptocurrency, but this Intangible will change your life in miraculous ways.

Account security best practices

How to make sure every service you use is as secure and as private as possible.

Breaking Free

Better privacy, security and freedom are achievable

Emancipate your mind from mental slavery

Why care about Freedom? Why care about privacy? Why does any of this matter?