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The technocracy is a terrifying, horrific and inhuman assault on our very being. People are under assault from all angles: financial, emotional, and intellectual. By keeping people alone and isolated, the technocracy can seem all-but-entirely unopposed. It is quite easy to fall into the trap of envying it’s power, or even wishing to share in the ill-gotten-gains. This trap is what can transform the most fervent freedom fighter into yet another foot-soldier for the machine.

Selling out for shockingly low prices

Working for the technocracy is working for those who want to enslave you, and everyone around you. With previous regimes, one could argue there was an incentive to defect. People naturally feel drawn to securing their own legacies, even sadly at the expense of others. This however, doesn’t apply here. There is no pleasant future purchased in exchange for complying with this inhuman agenda. Whatever temporary creature comforts one enjoys for attacking humanity is a very small price in exchange for the consequences.

What consequences?” Rizza Islam started his speech at Defeat the Mandates with a profound statement.

This is the example of what you get when you choose to attack all members of the human family.
This is what you get when you decide to go after a person’s child.
This is what you get when you choose to attack men, women, medical professionals, those with degrees, those without degrees, and those in-between.

If there’s one thing we need to do above all else, it is to maintain and nurture our love for humanity in these dark times. This is a highly necessary call to unity. We do not have the luxury of being choosy with allies. You’re not going to agree with everyone in this fight. Odds are you may have severe disagreements or even unhealed wounds.

In case anyone needs a reminder, governments all over the world used the pretext of a crisis to seize more power and control. Instead of using any of that power to help anyone, all major institutions enforced measures and decisions that consistently caused harm instead of preventing it. When presented with evidence of harm, these institutions responded with threats, gaslighting, and indifference. Regardless of what can be salvaged from these institutions, they have no authority, credibility, and legitimacy until the cause those issues is addressed.

Redefining “high places”

This is not a call for attacking people in those institutions, wishing ill on them, or even replacing the institutions themselves. It is well past time to acknowledge what is, rather than what we would like to be.

Thankfully the good doctor has a cure for this situation:

Turn away from evil, run towards good

Dr Vladimir Zelenko

Turn away from evil

Stop envying their wealth and prestige

In many ways, this is the hardest and most critical. People are being placed into desperate situations and it is a very trying time for almost everyone. Any status gained from working within institutions responsible needs to be met with extreme scorn. While there may be people inside them that are kind and loving within their own circle, but nothing they say or do is to be met with praise. Achievements in service of evil are no achievements at all.

Stop complying

When given the choice to make a situation easier or harder for those working against humanity, why do them any favors? Anything people can do to create friction for those who desire total control works to help us all. Total control would be almost impossible if people actively chose to encourage indifference to err on the side of non-compliance.

Don’t take them seriously

We live in a time of aggressive absurdities. People are expected to live a lie to maintain the illusion of a functioning human society. These are dangerous times and mistaking propaganda for reality is a very expensive and life-threatening mistake. As much as possible, give no credence to what these institutions would have you believe. Instead, work with those who are continuously working to dig up the truth beneath the surface.

Run towards good

Value and nurture what has been taken from the people

So many things have been ripped away from people, or even forgotten entirely. These are the things we should be maximizing in our lives:

How many of these things come from the technocracy? Will total top-down control with us at the helm bring these things to each other? Remember that it is impossible to win at that game, and it is good that what we want can be achieved through different means.

Support others

All of this is bigger than any of us. Nobody can take it all alone. Unity is our greatest strength.

Step into yourself

To err is human, to forgive is divine. Forgive yourself as well as others. Working for human freedom requires courage and otherworldly strength. Forging meaningful connections with others can help you truly recognize your own talents and strengths.

You have friends in high places

What do you admire most?

Is it large sums of money? Fame? Power? No?

If you’re be willing to trade all of those things for a better world, I have good news for you.

You are not alone.

An incomplete list, in no particular order:

Dr Kulvinder Kaur MD

Dr Paul Merik

Dr Christina Parks

Dr Byram Bridle

Jessica Rose

Meryl Nass

Catherine Austin Fitts



The Freedom Convoy

There were tons of people who organized, supported, and participated in the Canadian Freedom Convoy. Every single one of those great people are cheering you on.

and many, many others:

Beyond the pillars of courage that are recognizable to anyone, there are many more people who have put in many tireless hours for the good of all. This is the time for all of us to reject tyranny however we can.

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Published: Sep 21 2022
Tags: Remoralization

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