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There is a great deal of buzz about Elon Musk’s face-off against twitter. While it is impressive to see Elon specifically raise free speech issues against Big Tech, it is unlikely that even radical changes to twitter would actually create meaningful change. Sadly many people allow figureheads to lure themselves into a state of complacency. By buying into the idea of a fantastical leader to rally behind people can fall into the trap of thinking that change is sudden, and requires no work on their part.

Many of the problems we face didn’t start with Twitter and won’t end with Twitter either.

Twitter is a big system, big systems have a great deal of momentum. This momentum grows or shrinks in response to incentives. As anyone can see, Twitter has been run as a loss leader to sell centralized information control. Any system that has a monopoly on people’s access to information will inevitably become a valuable target for malevolent entities to corrupt and control.

Getting excited and distracted by large figureheads (politicians, celebrities, ect) inevitably leads to disappointment when a single person is unable to make massive changes that are out-of-step with the way people are acting in their daily lives. By investing in promoting and cheering for these leaders we can lose sight of the simple changes we need to make. Every individual has a vital role in changing the culture and incentive structure. Don’t think about needing the perfect leader, think about how their job can be made easier by encouraging those around you to make changes themselves. Big Tech didn’t simply gain control over everyone’s lives overnight, it happened gradually, bit-by-bit over time with each concession by each person. Everyone is responsible for reversing the power that the Tools of the Technocracy have taken over the people. These are systems that collectively we have financed, built, and maintained…thankfully they can be dismantled together.

What can we do?

What can we do?


    There is so much we can accomplish by working together, so many new things can be created if we have a will to break free from centralized control. Being willing to invest time, energy, and resources into building things is a vital aspect of changing anything.

  2. Diversify your information sources

    • Don’t depend on any specific site/app for all your news or information
    • Bookmark (CTRL-D) useful or informative sites so you can visit them again without being tracked by search engines
    • Not every issue or topic is new, you can often find very valuable information published in books, there is a treasure trove of useful information in the past. Don’t limit your knowledge to what is relevant in your feeds.
  3. Fight back against the centralized control system.

    There is a fantastic series on Financial Rebellion hosted by Children’s Health Defense. It is a great starting point on how to create friction against centralized control systems.

  4. Read the Tools of the Technocracy Series if you haven’t already. In each article I include solutions to undermining top-down information control.

Tools of The Technocracy

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