Libre Solutions Network

Freedom in the digital age

Our mission

To educate everyone how to free themselves from dragnet surveillance and algorithmic manipulation.


  1. Encourage people to improve their digital privacy & security
  2. Educate people on effective solutions to today's digital challenges
  3. Connect people interested in liberty online to make change
  4. Investigate new ways to expand human freedom in cyberspace

Your most important asset is your freedom

As well as the freedom of your fellow human beings

Your freedom is under attack by a variety of sophisticated attacks. These attacks have a grave impact on your financial future.
Our focus is to connect people and groups interested in protecting each other's freedom.

It is vital that every single person knows how to use and maintain systems that work for humans, rather than against them.

Data leaks are expensive

Every single byte of data you allow the digital financial complex to have about you and your business This data gets put to work against you.

These groups work together to build sophisticated machine learning systems that will

This doesn't mean data is bad

Big Data is harmful because it creates asymmetrical advantages to larger entities to dominate smaller ones and individuals.
The advantages of data collection and analysis can still be leveraged to help people.
Provided they have the following attributes:

  1. Public
    The ability for everyone to access the information
    Equal access to information is a vital part of a functioning society. Secrets create mistrust and information hazards.
    Public information is also allows people to improve or correct it which builds a positive feedback loop to help everyone.
  2. Interoperable
    Compatibility with different kinds of systems
    Interopability is the reason you can e-mail someone with a different provider than you.
  3. Reproducible
    Methods must create consistent results.
    Correctness relies on reproducibility. Disclosing the methods use to create information also allows for improvements and refinements.

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