Libre Solutions Network

Freedom in the digital age

Our mission

To educate people how to free themselves from dragnet surveillance and algorithmic manipulation.


  1. Encourage people to improve their digital privacy & security
  2. Educate people on effective solutions to today’s digital challenges
  3. Connect people interested in liberty online to make change
  4. Investigate new ways to expand human freedom in cyberspace

Your most important asset is your freedom

As well as the freedom of your fellow human beings

Your freedom is under attack by a variety of sophisticated attacks. These attacks have a grave impact on your financial future. Our focus is to connect people and groups interested in protecting each other’s freedom.

It is vital that every single person knows how to use and maintain systems that work for humans, rather than against them.

Supporting this work

Currently the easiest way to support us is to become a paid subscriber on substack.
If you have other preferences feel free to get in touch with (e-transfers accepted).



Title Founder
Website Gabe Rocks!
Mail Gabriel Wilson PO BOX 99900 TD 767 344 ORLEANS RPO GARDENS GLOUCESTER, ON Canada

A note about our presence on twitter:

Our handle is @LibreSolutionsN but it’s not widely featured on the website because we would prefer not to promote twitter.