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An operation is a blueprint for advancing people’s digital and personal freedom.
These are “big picture” plans for how people can advance liberty in their own lives.

Operation: Bankroll

Dec 20 2023 Gabriel

Putting Your Money Where Your Needs Are This mindset is applicable to all kinds of problems, but I think is particularly suited to the challenge of helping people reduce their dependency on big tech infrastructure and state manipulation. Taking the time to evaluate your resources, and your requirements, you can put together a plan on how you and/or your friends or community can properly support a better path. Getting others involved can magnify your impact significantly, and better represent a variety of people’s needs and concerns.

Operation: Shadow

Sep 12 2023 Gabriel

Navigating Hostile Cyberspace Many people are outright victims of virtual imprisonment. Social media addiction is just the surface of a panopticon of data-mining and manipulation. If this wasn’t bad enough, governments and public-private partnerships alike are further working to analyze, contain, and restrict dissent. This asymmetric use of technology enables innumerable abuses and consolidates power in terrifying ways. Almost everyone recognizes that people’s behavior has changed drastically due to online pressures, very few imagine the sum total effects this has on society.

Operation: Beehive

Jun 07 2023 Gabriel

Bottom-up, decentralized, and permissionless strategies are at a premium. With the tools available to us, people from all walks of life are able to cooperate on incredible projects. Instead of relying on a tyrannical pharaoh’s vision for some great project, people can make their own public goods. We don’t need to be bigger or more powerful than large institutions to do incredible things. In many cases, it merely takes some creativity and diligent work.

Operation: Chorus

Feb 19 2023 Gabriel

“omnes voces nostri” “All our voices” Many problems in our time are caused by a severe power imbalance caused by information hazards. Information hazards are created when people and even entire societies operate under false pretenses. We can not rely on any single body or organization to question the foundations of every aspect of society to find errors, instead individuals should be empowered to use their own knowledge, skill, and intuition to learn from the world around them.