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Many problems in our time are caused by a severe power imbalance caused by information hazards. Information hazards are created when people and even entire societies operate under false pretenses. We can not rely on any single body or organization to question the foundations of every aspect of society to find errors, instead individuals should be empowered to use their own knowledge, skill, and intuition to learn from the world around them. As those individuals learn and share insights with others, we can all make a better world together.

Merely creating a hierarchy of those who are “qualified” to suppress so-called ‘misinformation’ and ‘disinformation’ simply uplifts a small few to a priestly class for an array of false gods. Instead, truth-seeking will always be an inherently decentralized process. People from all walks of life, and a variety of perspectives are all required for society to truly self-examine. Criminalizing expression only worsens problems, entrenched orthodoxies crystalize into terrible abuses. Censorship is only ever effective at protecting abusive hierarchies, and sowing resentment. Instead, people should be given the leeway to learn from themselves and those around them, and opportunities to correct mistakes.

If you make peaceful revolution impossible, you make violent revolution inevitable

John F. Kennedy

If society continues the trend of increasing censorship to resolve inconsistencies, people will continue to suffer without real representation. All this does is build enmity between those with the means to insulate themselves from abuses and those without.



  1. Promote expanding socially and legally acceptable free expression
  2. Enhance labor protections for workers and whistle blowers to speak freely
  3. Empower individuals to have difficult conversations
  4. Encourage the adoption of interoperable and permissionless systems
  5. Lobbying local institutions to provide these systems as services to local residents
  6. Oppose legislation that empowers censorship or surveillance
  7. Remembering and supporting those who are silenced1

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Published: Feb 19 2023
Tags: Free Speech Operation Decentralization Operation: Chorus

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