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Mass Resistance Redirected

Oct 05 2023 Gabriel

As scary as those with the means and motivation to dominate the world are, there’s something immensely more powerful. The people. No matter how powerful you, or even your entire crew are, you still can’t quite stand up to the rest of the world alone. This was my primary motivation to write Tools of the Technocracy, the out-in-the-open desire to power up the tools of mass subjugation is a terrifying prospect.

Conceptualizing Mind-reading Technology

Sep 25 2023 Gabriel

When the War on your Mind Goes Hot From influence, profit, and power there are innumerable reasons why some and institutions would want the ability to manipulate your thoughts. Of course, an efficient tool to learn how to control other’s thoughts is to be able to read them in real-time. When it comes to online platforms a great deal of the mind-manipulation is done indirectly. Ranking algorithms, Censorship, and financial incentives will all radically transform how people individually act as a group, but there will always be more direct forces that can be used.

Signs the 'Dead Internet Theory' is correct

Sep 21 2023 Gabriel

The “Dead Internet” Theory The basic concept of the dead internet theory is that a vast majority of the engagement online is artificial. And/or that every single human being on the Internet isn’t actually connected to everyone else, but merely a chosen subset of people. One of the reasons this idea has gotten so much traction is that it eerily explains much of people’s online experience. While it’s possible that the feeling is just a figment of people’s nostalgia for exploring the web for the first time, there are actual trends and circumstances that support the idea.

DDoS Attack on the Mind (with Operation Uplift)

May 09 2023 Gabriel

Introducing the Operation Uplift Community Watch on Rounding The Earth

Conceptualizing Information Control

Apr 23 2023 Gabriel

Knowledge is power. Control over knowledge is immense power. This power isn’t merely used to advance sciences and create new technologies, instead it’s often used to take control of other people. Almost everyone these days seems to believe they’re surrounded by brainwashed masses. What if there really is something to that? Who, or what, is actually doing the brainwashing? It is a mistake to assume that someone who is acting differently than you is always making those decisions from incorrect information.

The Collapse of the Intangible

Mar 21 2023 Gabriel

I’ve reflected on how the rapid pace of change has warped my perspective relative to those significantly older than me. Becoming curious how upcoming changes and trends will leave me out of step with new experiences. Video: Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirrors Advanced machine learning models have allowed people to hold a mirror up to the vastness of internet data. This is not just any mirror, but an infinity mirror. This phenomenal infinity mirror transforms a mere slice of the human experience into a kaleidoscope of infinite possibilities.

The False Awakening

Oct 31 2022 Gabriel

The changing of the guard is not the same as defeat of the guard. Twitter is under new management. There is all kinds of excitement and despair over what this means for the future of free speech on that particular information control system. Odds are, we can expect some noticeable changes on what is and is no longer allowed within the new paradigm. This should not be mistaken for an expansion of the people’s right to voice dissent.

Anatomy of a psyop

Jul 17 2022 Gabriel

A shadowy figure appears out of nowhere and tells you: They understand your problems It’s worse than you think They have a really simple solution they just need you to hand over your private information (or large sums of cash) to make all your worries go away The solution doesn’t require any real work on your part It’s a scam. Blatant scam artists and social engineers both heavily rely on affirming your biases.

Beware the false saviors

Apr 16 2022 Gabriel

There is a great deal of buzz about Elon Musk’s face-off against twitter. While it is impressive to see Elon specifically raise free speech issues against Big Tech, it is unlikely that even radical changes to twitter would actually create meaningful change. Sadly many people allow figureheads to lure themselves into a state of complacency. By buying into the idea of a fantastical leader to rally behind people can fall into the trap of thinking that change is sudden, and requires no work on their part.

Chewtoys: The alchemy of mastering mass anger

Apr 13 2022 Gabriel

The public has a lot of frustrations, especially when you’ve been isolating, poisoning, and stealing from them for many years. Surely this frustration has to go somewhere? Instead of this frustration being used on productive actions to organize, solve problems, or find out how they’ve been bamboozled; Social engineers would love to have a tool that would ensure this energy is entirely diffused pointlessly. John Titus has coined the term “Chewtoy”

Emancipate your mind from mental slavery

Nov 25 2021 Gabriel

You are not immortal, and you can be fooled from time to time. This is okay, admitting it is much more important than being right all the time. Admitting you are wrong, and can be is the very thing that allows you to escape the prison of lies. In fact, admitting it can do a great deal of good in helping free other people from false illusions. My goals with the Libre Solutions Network are: