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A shadowy figure appears out of nowhere and tells you:

It’s a scam.

Blatant scam artists and social engineers both heavily rely on affirming your biases. The scammer will say things that are either well known to be true, or strongly believed by subsets of the population. As someone aware of the threats totalitarian control presents, you are a prime target for social engineers. Anything that they can do to give you either a false sense of security or a harmless outlet for frustration, makes it harder for you to fight back.

Chewtoys: The Alchemy of mastering mass anger

Now that the public has a higher level of awareness about the top-down control grid, there is a race to ensure that the public isn’t actively focused on rebuilding their own sovereignty. Sovereignty always requires work. Paying a protection racket doesn’t liberate you, it only allows you to rent some temporary safety. Having reliable, trustworthy, and accurate information is one of the most important steps in taking control in your own life. Information can be seen as a form of capital that can be enhanced with tools and skills.

That’s all very difficult and complicated right? In today’s fast-paced and complex world, surely there is a simply and easy solution? What if I just take a moment to listen to what this shadowy figure has to say.

Snow job

An effort to deceive, overwhelm, or persuade with insincere talk, especially flattery. Urban dictionary

Don’t worry about your social media habits!

Don’t worry about the technocratic control system!

We have a way to get you into the elite class!

It’s simple all you have to do is join our telegram server and share with your friends.

Are you starting to doubt? These guys can’t be fake, take a look at their ‘leet’ hacker skillz!

…Except that on firefox, all you have to do is add view-source: before the address and you are immediately aware that this is a normal Wordpress site.

When releasing sensitive and critical information to all of humanity there’s a few basic things you want to get right:

  1. Reduce points of failure as much as possible:

    • Publish only a simple set of pages written without extra scripts or plug-ins
    • Avoid any third-party publishing platforms
  2. Make the content as resilient and censorship resistant as possible:

    • Where’s the TOR hidden service?
    • Why isn’t the information backed up on IPFS or even available as a torrent?
  3. Don’t have any “official” communications from big tech platforms such as Youtube / Twitter / Facebook and, yes, Telegram.


    • At best, you’ll waste time getting banned over and over again
    • These platforms have the capability of limiting whatever reach you may potentially have.
    • You’re giving away information to these platforms that can be inevitably tracked back to you.

That’s just the bare-minimum basics before you get focused on the more complicated things like:

But they’re getting hacked!

They’re not special, almost any website of a certain size will get this kind of attention. Bots are constantly looking for vulnerable systems to exploit to use for their own ends. Exploiting a completely open system is something that is trivial to automate.

Who knows? That might be the kind of problem they have when they can’t even setup their WIX website without having an ad banner.

What do they want?

Your time and attention are precious resources. Anyone and anything that can soak it up by offering you an easy road to freedom doesn’t have your best interests in mind. A far more nefarious goal would be to slander people with real concerns about digital IDs and the surveillance economy as simply deluded by this straw-man.

The most disgusting aspect of this performance is that it rides on people’s greed to passively accept a top-down slavery system. “Oh, it’s as bad as you think it is but worse, but it will only be the good people in the elite class now,” is a disgusting attitude to take. Power without accountability is corrosive on morality. A social credit caste system with the “good people” on the top will inevitably devolve into a nightmare with evil people on the top.

Social credit systems are real, and not just in China. The massive wealth divide does effectively create different classes of people. The “system” they’re warning you about is already in place on a basic level. Promising to “wipe your slate clean” in exchange for promoting them on social media is not the ideal solution even if it worked.

Sovereignty is power. All power is expensive to maintain. The price of liberty is eternal vigilance and proactive action. None of us will be able to simply purchase freedom. The freedom of your fellow human beings, even when you disagree, is your greatest asset. We must work to restore integrity and accountability in all aspects of our lives, not chasing quick-and-easy scams pretending to be solutions.


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Published: Jul 17 2022
Tags: Cognitive Warfare Digital ID Technocracy Social Media

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