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Programmable currency

Sep 25 2022 Gabriel

With ordinary money like cash or coins, the holder decides what they want to do with it and what needs to be disclosed. Programmable currency is an entirely different situation. In many ways, they aren’t much of a deviation from existing digital currency that can be tracked, blocked and controlled. The differences lie in scale, scope, and application. When someone has their donations seized, or their bank account frozen, there is an action that needs to make that happen.

The road to hell: misplaced optimism in the blockchain space

Aug 04 2022 Gabriel

I didn’t want to believe James Corbett at the time, but he warned us in 2018. The bitcoin psyop outlines the differences between central-bank digital currencies (CBDCs) & public permission-less blockchains. He also rightly outlines how smart contracts themselves could become tools of the technocracy. Tools of the Technocracy #1: Digital CurrencyHow the digital financial complex works against you...and what you can do about it. This article isn’t intended to denounce every blockchain based system.

Tools of the Technocracy: #1 Digital Currency

Feb 01 2022 Gabriel

Tools of the Technocracy: #1 Digital Currency Digital currency is what makes online commerce work so well. The trouble is that as the Internet has invaded our lives, it has given the digital financial complex more and more power. This is the foundation of a “social credit system” that aims to control every aspect of your life. Having the “right” social attitudes or behavior will not be enough to endure this.