Libre Solutions Network

Freedom in the digital age

Principle: Hardware matters

It is easy to underestimate the underlying structure of our digital world.

Redefining "high places"

Lets re-balance power from the bottom-up

Beware the false saviors

Putting faith into leaders is a road to disappointment. We all have to work together as individuals to make lasting change.

Chewtoys: The alchemy of mastering mass anger

People are constantly being manipulated to build anger against useless effigies to exhaust their energy to work for change.

Information Warfare Super-weapons

Change the culture with these super effective tricks. Social engineers HATE these!

The most valuable asset for the coming decade

Not cryptocurrency, but this Intangible will change your life in miraculous ways.

Breaking Free

Better privacy, security and freedom are achievable

Emancipate your mind from mental slavery

Why care about Freedom? Why care about privacy? Why does any of this matter?