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Our Darkest Hour

We are currently in a time like none other in all of human history.

In the past, tyrants and dictators have had a hard limit on how far they could push people. From either logistical difficulties, fear of resistance, or liberation from other nations; these hard limits have been getting softer and softer as technology advances. Recent history has shown an ever-increasing centralization of power into a smaller and smaller set of control structures.

We as everyday people have been complicit in building and maintaining these control structures. Almost every technology has allowed people to trade privacy, security or freedom for convenience. Technology isn’t inherently bad, but allowing this power to go unchecked absolutely is.

The sum total of what the world is constructing is nothing short of a planet-wide enslavement grid that has never been possible before. The individual parts create feedback loops that make it very difficult for people to extrapolate the long term impacts.

The tyrants of the world are winning a massive arms race against the rest of humanity. We must not merely avoid these systems, rather every one of us is responsible for preventing them from being weaponized against the people.

Our last chance

This time is so critical because the powers that ought not to be are in a desperate rush to finalize this system. The internet and the ability for people all over the world to coordinate and learn from each other has greatly tipped the balance of power into humanity’s favor. It is paramount that we put all other differences aside to focus on protecting the future for all people.

This means that until the technocrats are discredited and prosecuted the following doesn’t matter at all:

The truth is the only useful indicator you have for who can be trusted is if they are proactively focused on enhancing human liberty and fighting against human enslavement.

You are going to find people in this fight that have different beliefs than you, often staggeringly so. It is paramount that you put these feelings aside for the good of all. You and everyone else will be better for it. Those who can reach across to those with fundamental differences to oppose tyranny are going to be the most important people in the world.

A future worth fighting for

Overthrowing this evil will open up a fractal of possibilities for people to improve the world around them. There have been incalculable harms done by the waste of building these systems that could have been used for much better things.

Ending information control will allow people to work to provide genuine solutions to many of the worlds problems. Stopping the censorship of cures will eliminate much avoidable suffering. Resources spent oppressing people will be freed up to solve real problems. We will still have challenges, and there will still be political squabbles, but we have a very real opportunity to right many grave wrongs. I am not promising anyone a utopia, merely a world immensely more just than our current one.

The tools

This series will help you better understand what technologies are being weaponized against people. Simply avoiding them or remaining ignorant isn’t quite enough to avoid their effects. Much of the public is in the dark about these things, it is vital that we are all able to explain what is wrong with these mechanisms of control.


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Published: Jan 08 2022
Tags: Tools of the Technocracy Series Technocracy Voiceover

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