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This conversation is a follow-up to a piece written last year

Art is the expression of the human soul, with it’s value being largely in the eye of the beholder. Corporations and governments can imitate art, or mass produce it with financial advantages, but they can’t compete with genuine creativity borne from real passion and real experiences. Tyranny isn’t beautiful, and slavery isn’t inspiring. When given a choice, people will naturally choose the free and beautiful over the rigid and stagnant. As freedom loving people it is absolutely vital for us to encourage, support and fund ventures to provide people the opportunity to enjoy pro-human media and creative works.

Artists are craving for a way for their work to be properly supported. Many artists are disillusioned by not being able to make it in large corporate spaces. If we truly desire a culture that protects freedom we must work to provide the space for artists to promote this culture. Working together we can support artists who care deeply about building a better world. This will create real cultural capital that can upend the systems that undermine our liberty. With truth on our side, there can be no limit to the heights of our imagination.

Later in the conversation, we discussed how machine learning tools are changing the game for artists out there.

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Published: Jul 20 2023
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Conceptualizing Information Control

Apr 23 2023 Gabriel

Knowledge is power. Control over knowledge is immense power. This power isn’t merely used to advance sciences and create new technologies, instead it’s often used to take control of other people. Almost everyone these days seems to believe they’re surrounded by brainwashed masses. What if there really is something to that? Who, or what, is actually doing the brainwashing? It is a mistake to assume that someone who is acting differently than you is always making those decisions from incorrect information.

The Collapse of the Intangible

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I’ve reflected on how the rapid pace of change has warped my perspective relative to those significantly older than me. Becoming curious how upcoming changes and trends will leave me out of step with new experiences. Video: Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirrors Advanced machine learning models have allowed people to hold a mirror up to the vastness of internet data. This is not just any mirror, but an infinity mirror. This phenomenal infinity mirror transforms a mere slice of the human experience into a kaleidoscope of infinite possibilities.

In defense of anonymity

Jan 08 2023 Gabriel

“If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men. I will find something in them which will hang him” Cardinal Richelieu In a time where so much data about people is being constantly harvested in increasingly invasive ways, there is a lot of material to work with. As I’m sure we have all seen, there innumerable ways in which people’s own beliefs, mistakes or decisions land them in serious trouble.

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