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At the start of 2023 I Launched the Libre Solutions Network peertube instance.

Over 450 views on the PeerTube channel is a great start! I’m sure it would grow a lot faster if I opened registrations but truthfully I don’t really want to be responsible for other people’s accounts! Having a peertube instance that allows follows seems to be a great compromise. Currently, my instance is followed by over 30 other instances.

Fully Voiced Articles

Early in the year, I recorded voiceovers for the entire Tools of the Technocracy series as well as others.


An operation is a blueprint for advancing people’s digital and personal freedom. These are “big picture” plans for how people can advance liberty in their own lives.

Digital Autonomy Series


I’ve made a couple of infographics as supplementary material for posts. You’re welcome to share all of these and use them for your purposes. They’re all available under CC-BY-SA 4.0

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Important Stories from 2023

National Citizens Inquiry

The National Citizens Inquiry is a Canadian citizen-led inquiry into the Covid Crisis in Canada. Read the final report.

Protocol Wars

Liberty-minded individuals need to redouble our efforts to support open and interoperable protocols. Take a look at Alex’s mostr to fediverse bridge

Don’t let your memes be dreams. Let’s work together to create the future that we believe in.

Alex Gleason

Cyberwars and Rumors of Cyberwars

Censorship, Control, and Surveillance

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Items of Interest


Blender 4.0 Reel

Facial Recognition Defense / Flaws

This Threat to Free Software is Worse than I Thought…


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Published: Dec 31 2023
Tags: Recap

November Recap

Nov 27 2023 Gabriel

New posts: Papers Please: The Attack on Online Privacy The EU Cyberwar on People & the Web A Grayjay Review The Hrvoje Moric Show I joined the Hrvoje Moric Show to discuss the eIDAS 2.0 proposal concerns. Notably the introduction of a state-mandated root certificate in browsers, as well as the digital ID framework. Listen on podbean Digital Autonomy Series You’re invited! I’m quite happy with how the Digital Autonomy and the Arts discussions have gone.

October Recap

Oct 31 2023 Gabriel

Updates Digital Autonomy and the Arts Part 3 Gabe of Libre Solutions on The Hrvoje Morić Show DIY Cyber Audit Applied Cyberwar: Hardware Exploits Affinity Scams Locals: World War E Refresher Practical Reform News Digital Services Act & Dashboard No Easy Way Out: the Effectiveness of Deplatforming an Extremist Forum to Suppress Hate and Harassment Rand Paul Stymies Cyber Bills Over DHS Agency’s Alleged Censorship The Shapeshifting Crypto Wars Charting the Depths: The World of Subsea Cables Adtech Surveillance and Government Surveillance are Often the Same Surveillance Internet Access Shouldn’t Be a Bargaining Chip In Geopolitical Battles Putting Censorship Circumvention to the Test: Security Audit Findings Grayjay App https://grayjay.

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