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I had the pleasure of taking part in a long-form discussion about the current state of technology and our experience on the fediverse. It’s been wonderful getting to know Theory who is a brilliant software developer and has a very sound technical mind.

The conversation was recorded on Mumble, editied in Audacity and hosted on PeerTube. One thing that excites me about this particular project is that it is one of many ways to demonstrate how we really don’t need big tech services to distribute media.

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Published: Feb 06 2024
Tags: Mindwalled Podcast Fediverse PeerTube Free Software

A Grayjay Review

Nov 02 2023 Gabriel

What is Grayjay? Grayjay is an android app. It’s in early development but already works as an excellent video player. The goal of the app is to allow you to watch videos from creators on many platforms on a single app. This means that it doesn’t matter as much to you if the person is on Youtube, Twitch, or Odysee you can subscribe to them all from a single app, even without an account!

Introduction to the Fediverse

Feb 20 2023 Gabriel

Introduction to the fediverse Part of Operation Chorus Call to action: Join the FediverseA simple, but very effective way to tip the scales in favor of free speech.

Call to Action: Join the Fediverse now!

Feb 22 2022 Gabriel

The Fediverse is a web of federated social networks. Powered by the ActivityPub protocol, they allow for interoperability between them. Here is a fantastic demo of it in action today Currently there are many federated equivalents to popular sites people use: For YouTube there is PeerTube For Instagram there is Pixelfed For Twitter there is Mastodon, Pleroma and Misskey For Facebook there is Frendica For Podcasts & Music there is Funkwhale For Reddit there is Lemmy Why bother?

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