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I had an excellent time talking with Hrvoje Morić on his TNT Radio show. I highly recommend getting caught up with some of his great interviews with a very wide variety of fascinating guests. If you don’t already know of Hrvoje, you’re missing out and should absolutely take a look at Geopolitics & Empire!

Breaking Update

An update from the Geopolitics & Empire telegram channel:

Hrvoje has left the building! I have finally found a guerrilla with enough experience to replace me on TNT Radio. Veteran information warrior Lieutenant General Jason Bermas!

The Ides of March was my last transmission on TNT Radio after 2 straight and grueling years of non-stop live shows without pause or break…broadcasting from Croatia and from around the USA and México.

I am completely frazzled and burned out. I LOVE TNT Radio, they have been amazing to me, they’ve never censored me or caused me any problems, in fact…they’ve largely left me alone the entire time. They were basically like: here’s a mic, you got 2-3 hours, here’s your pay, go!

But doing 10-15 interviews a week is nuts, personally, for me right now. I desperately need to take a break and slow down. I will re-focus my efforts on Geopolitics & Empire! Stay frosty and stay tuned! 🎙 ✊

P.S. I will be a guest on Jason’s show tonight!

It’s been an honor to be part of Hrvoje’s show on TNT Radio, and wish him the best!


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Published: Mar 20 2024
Tags: TNT Radio Interviews Technocracy

A Warning about Network States with Hrvoje Morić

Mar 11 2024 Gabriel

In anticipation of publishing a new tools of the technocracy article, I had a chat with Hrvoje on his show to talk about what I had learned watching through The Network State Conference 2023. It’s clear that the entire concept of Network States as published in The Network State and highlighted by the speakers, is at best an attempt to dress up an all-encompassing technocratic terror. At worst, it’s a declaration of a world-wide open bid on human surveillance and control.

Pushing Back against Surveillance and Control with Hrvoje Morić

Feb 16 2024 Gabriel

Early this month, Hrvoje and I had a conversation about how governments and corporations are tightening their grip over the information landscape. We discussed some of my latest work, and it was an excellent opportunity to add some finer detail to points that come up often. Near the end, we talk about the war on dissent in Germany. It’s important to note that the acquittal of CJ Hopkins is being appealed by the German government.

Face to Face on the The Hrvoje Morić Show

Dec 26 2023 Gabriel

I’m very grateful for the opportunity to share insights that don’t fit neatly into longer posts. Hrvoje Morić who is well known for Geopolitics & Empire, is a fascinating person to talk to and a very knowledgeable host. We hit many important topics, opening with how big tech is working to regain people’s trust as well as legislative attacks on people’s online freedom. We also discuss Signal and the Open Technology fund, as well as cost savings from ditching the cloud.

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