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I’m very grateful for the opportunity to share insights that don’t fit neatly into longer posts. Hrvoje Morić who is well known for Geopolitics & Empire, is a fascinating person to talk to and a very knowledgeable host. We hit many important topics, opening with how big tech is working to regain people’s trust as well as legislative attacks on people’s online freedom. We also discuss Signal and the Open Technology fund, as well as cost savings from ditching the cloud.

The Hrvoje Morić Show: https://tntradiolive.podbean.com/category/hrvoje-moric
Watch the full show at https://tntvideo.podbean.com/e/the-hrvoje-moric-show-h1-22-december-2023


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Published: Dec 26 2023
Tags: TNT Radio Interviews

Digital Autonomy & The Arts with Margaret Anna Alice, Visceral Adventure & Liam Sturgess

Dec 13 2023 Gabriel

In what has become my most ambitious media project yet, I had the pleasure of hosting a conversation with people I look up to as among my personal heroes. The Digital Autonomy Series is now one of my favorite projects as it allows the Libre Solutions Network to truly start to live up to its name. Visceral Adventure I got to know Tonika through Operation Uplift. Her open mind, kindness, and drive are huge inspiration.

Digital Autonomy and Resilient Living

Dec 08 2023 Gabriel

In this feature of Digital Autonomy Discussions Gabriel had a discussion with Rebecca Cunningham who runs Red Flyer Media. She is a Visual Storyteller, Motorcycle Rider, Vagabond, Video Editor, Moto-Journalist, Documentary Filmmaker. We discuss censorship resistance, the rural and urban divide, as well as the many factors of building up one’s own independence. Resources Referenced: Meshtastic New Packet Radio Bear’s Prepper Classroom Playlist Jack Spirko Nicole Sauce More to Come This series is intended to help bring together different voices to explore how technology can help (or hinder) people’s ability to live their lives.

Digital Autonomy and the Arts: Part 3

Oct 21 2023 Gabriel

It is my honor and pleasure to have worked alongside such a passionate and talented writer. Margaret Anna Alice is an inspiration to those worldwide who wish to resist and dismantle totalitarianism. She is one of many critical voices in these turbulent times. Margaret Anna Alice writes about media narratives, politics, propaganda, mass control, psychology, history, philosophy, language, film, art, music, literature, culture, and health with a focus on COVID at Margaret Anna Alice Through the Looking Glass.

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