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The Hrvoje Moric Show

I joined the Hrvoje Moric Show to discuss the eIDAS 2.0 proposal concerns. Notably the introduction of a state-mandated root certificate in browsers, as well as the digital ID framework.

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Digital Autonomy Series

You’re invited!

I’m quite happy with how the Digital Autonomy and the Arts discussions have gone. I’m hoping to gain more insight from other artists as well as other domains. Anyone is welcome as long as you have a passion for liberty, and want to discuss how we can better align our technological future for it.

Are you someone who has a passion outside of technology? Would you like to have a discussion exploring how your domain is being impacted negatively by intrusive technology?

If so, Please get in touch! Email XMPP Matrix

I’m interested in getting connected with passionate people who are interested in applying their domain-specific knowledge to opposing tyranny. I think it’s a crucial conversation and I’m hoping to learn from others where technology can intersect with those goals.

Special Feature

Moved by some of Spartacus’ great words in his Spartacasts (11,12,13) against senseless wars. I chose to mix the audio with some music and work with Visceral Adventure to produce a mini-documentary out of it.

Watch on Visceral Adventure’s Substack

Watch on Peertube

🌎 Rounding The Earth

Some of my time is spent on content for the Rounding The Earth Locals community. These off-the-cuff presentations give me a chance to summarize recent thoughts and present ideas I’m trying to hone. If you’re interested in my work, as well as the Rounding The Earth project, you may appreciate these.


Items of Interest

Inquiry into the Appropriateness and Efficacy of the COVID-19 Response in Canada

The Wellness Company - Altruistic alternative healthcare empire, or intelligence operation?

Behind the One-Way Mirror: A Deep Dive Into the Technology of Corporate Surveillance

Governments turn to Open Source for sovereignty

Law professor says blockchain tech could ‘revolutionize’ copyright offices

Governmental Internet Power Grab?… FCC Adopts New Rules [YouTube]

Two fediverses, one network

Mastodon Is Easy and Fun Except When It Isn’t

Substack Roundup

How to download Wikipedia to your phone

Help Support The Wayback Machine - a very important service.

CTIL Files #1: US And UK Military Contractors Created Sweeping Plan For Global Censorship In 2018, New Documents Show

More info

PeerTube Roundup

PeerTube v6 is out, and powered by your ideas!

Turkey Inkscape - Developer Update 25th Nov 2023

I’m choosing to highlight this because I think it’s important for people to consider that many great things can be accomplished by paying competent developers directly. You can support Martin’s work on Inkscape on his Liberapay

Ok, but what is XMPP?

This is an excellent video by Denshi explaining what XMPP is and why it works in the way it does. Comfy Guides is also a great resource, which includes how to set up your own XMPP Server.

Framework: Building an Open, Reliable Laptop (Ubuntu Summit Presentation)

This is a good demo of the Framework laptop. Which is a fascinating project exemplifying how a laptop can be repairable, modular, and therefore easily upgradable by the user. If nothing else, it’s worth considering how we as consumers should push manufacturers in some of these directions.


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Published: Nov 27 2023
Tags: Recap

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