Libre Solutions Network

Freedom in the digital age
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Statement of Values

The Libre Solutions Network is intended to primarily focus on technological and political threats to human liberty, health, and fulfillment. Being solutions-oriented the Libre Solutions Network will often highlight alternatives, mitigation strategies, or behaviors people can try to solve problems. Many solutions involve people changing their approach to a variety of institutions and systems.

We recognize that a great deal of human and ecological harm has been done by the weaponization of top-down information control systems. Policies and movements that undermine human autonomy, health, and spiritual growth are to be opposed. Propaganda, psychological manipulation, and censorship are all direct assaults on people’s ability to make informed decisions.

The way forward requires careful and deliberate consideration of the harms of the past as well as the present reality. We encourage you to consider coming clean and learn the rule. These are not requirements to be involved, instead these are aspirations. People are allowed to grow and learn, which necessarily includes a lot of mistakes.


  1. Individual rights

    We believe in natural, inalienable rights that supersede the whims of corrupt governments and tyrants alike.

    • Rights to life
    • Rights to worship, conscience, and expression
    • Rights to privacy
    • Rights to one’s own property and fair wages
    • Rights to equality before the law
  2. Bottom-up strategies

    We believe that regular people of all walks of life have valuable insight in ways to solve and prevent problems. Techniques and tools that take advantage of this are better for innovation and accountability.

  3. Hardware Matters

    Ignoring the physical world and material reality is a path to disaster. We urge recognition of the limits of what software can do.

  4. Digital autonomy

    Digital systems should improve peoples lives, not run them.

  5. Finesse

    Where possible, efficiency is laudable.

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