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Freedom in the digital age
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Advancing people’s privacy, security, and freedom requires a multitude of different approaches and perspectives. Hopefully, you can find valuable insight, resources, or opportunities to contribute in the entities below.

These projects and organizations are excellent starting points for learning.


Free Software Foundation

Software Freedom is one of the more underrated concepts these days. As time has passed, people are also starting to pay attention to hardware freedom as well. The Free Software Foundation is a phenomenal resource and community.

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Foundation for Freedom Online

Dive deep into excellent reports by Mike Benz. Learn to appreciate the scale and scope of the Censorship Industrial Complex, and the impacts on society.

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Electronic Frontier Foundation

The EFF is a vital organization for raising awareness and championing legal challenges to state overreach in cyberspace.

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Tor Project

'The Onion Router' is an invaluable tool for protecting one's identity online, and running services anonymously.

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Invisible Internet Project (I2P)

The invisible internet project is another method for hosting services without divulging your identity and location. Hidden services on I2P tend to perform reasonably well.

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Fight to Repair

The Repair Preservation Group is an effective non-profit to help people regain their right to repair their property in the United States.

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Open Repair Alliance

An invaluable community connecting people share information vital for repairing electronic devices and enhancing their durability.

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The Librehosters Network

Unable to self-host secure services yourself? The Librehosters network is a phenomenal directory of entities providing valuable services, sometimes free of charge.

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Social Coding

Forge a new path for coders and users with Arnold Schrijver - 'Social Coding is participatory free software development that is inclusive to all people and focused on addressing real human needs. Ideation, design and development is a collective and social effort.'

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Small Technology Foundation

Aral Balkan is building accessible, private-by-default interoperable tools for people to truly decentralize the web.

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Many more coming soon…

Look forward to more organizations, tools and even news!

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